Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sometimes i feel really discouraged about my art, and sometimes when i see other people's artwork i get a little.. jealous. BUT i know that with practice i can get better and improve my art style too! I'm just so busy my imagination has been sucked right out of me.

Today i went on tumblr though and saw some beautiful pictures of jellyfish, and it inspired me to draw some girls in jellyfish inspired dresses. While looking at these stunning jellies i discovered this hour long swing music song and it just hit me, and i will have to draw these dresses sometime! Also this picture of an owl gave me an idea for an owl character.

Oops i'm rambling. Hope everyone had a wonderful day today!


  1. ..That's exactly how I feel when I browse through fanarts on Tegaki or Deviantart. They are all just so talented. orz