Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hey friends and strangers, Happy Halloween!  I hope everyone got lots of candy and had a fun time today!
I decided to hand out candy this year and dress up at the same time.  So i dressed up as Dipper Pines just because it was easy and I didn't feel like getting overly dressed for about 3 trick-or-treaters.
See me be Dipper:

So the kids came and went and no one said anything about who i was.  I was losing hope.  Maybe these kids don't watch tv and watch Gravity Falls.  But then this one little girl came in a group of other girl halloweenies and her eyes went wide and shouted, 


FAITH RESTORED.  Her friends told her not to be weird but i just thanked her for knowing who i was.  And they were off.  Then a little Merida came by and was a total cutie pie.  Little kids are so cute sometimes i swear.

So in all we got about.. 15 trick-or-treaters.  They were too polite, i told them they could take as much as they want and this one kid just took ONE piece.  I was like come back kiddo you need to take moooore.  Ah but it was cute.  Good night of Halloween.


Also my birthday is in 12 days!  Aaah 18 i'm going to be a legal adult.  How crazy is that?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25th: The Big Bad Roof Rat

It's not unusual that we get roof rats.

they usually appear once every few months, always above my room.  They mostly make noise when i'm trying to sleep.

today while i was drawing i heard a roof rat hulk smash its way into my attic.

it stayed in one corner for the longest time just walking around and making the worst scratching noises.  But it sounded different than other roof rats i usually get.

It suddenly started to get more aggressive, like it was trying to get to me. 

I am currently housing Ratzilla.

Please don't hurt me

I also forgot to put the e on the word scrape why

Sly as a Fox

Monday, October 22, 2012

an animation - wip

I haven't touched this animation in a while.. Got down to business with school and my portfolio and all.  But i thought i might as well show you a preview of it for kicks!

this definitely needs a lot of fixing

What i wore today

Thought it'd be fun and relaxing after a hard day at school.  I keep playing around with styles too haha

welp back to work on some character model sheets

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dancing Hippos and Twitter

I finally finished my 10th sketchbook and have moved onto my 11th!  So i started it off with some hippos!

I also have a twitter now:

Oh boy twitter time to tweet some awesome stuff aww yeah
Fall break is coming to and end as well.  Monday I go back to my normal life as a senior in high school.  I drew tons of stuff over break it's almost crazy, unfortunately I left most of it at my mom's house.  I've been busy scanning my figure drawings for my portfolio today.  Finally making some progress constructing this portfolio for real!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life Drawing

Again i apologize for my scanner's terrible quality.
  My mom was so nice to pose for me so i could get some life drawings done for my portfolio!
With guest stars Angel and Molly (my dogs).

Sketchbook pages

Hello!  It's fall break!!!  Time to draw!
  Here are a few pages from my small moleskine.  I'm sending this sketchbook in with another larger one i've pretty much filled completely to calarts with my portfolio.  
My scanner is getting old.. it doesn't like to scan colors quite right but it's alright.  P.S. my classmates have spotted me twice while drawing them it's almost really awkward haha

Friday, October 5, 2012


Ah October, finally time to break out the sweaters and jeans and scarves and hats.  Well almost.  It's still in the 90's here in Arizona but by the end of next week it will be in the 80's.

Finally found some time to draw in photoshop!  So why not a self portrait.  I'm nearly finished with my portfolio, and i should be sending it out by the end of my fall break which is in 2 weeks.  Hurray!  I will also be fixing up my blog for the season, black is too dark don't you think?