Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 I can't wait to see Brave!  The art spam is almost done i promise

Character Designs

These two are character designs for an animation i wanted to create later on.  I'm pretty happy with the way they look but i know there's room for improvement and better designing.  Their names are Moyo and Konani (respectively)

And i'm still working on Wren's design.  Her outfit is driving me crazy, i'm trying to make it fit her spunky and rebellious personality while also keeping that elegant fairy type look.  She's a toughy.

I was listening to the soundtrack for Kiki's Delivery service the other day and wanted to draw a witch!  She kinda looks a lot like Kiki though haha.  I finally used my watercolor pencils too :) They are a lot of fun

Just a random kid.  He's a thief, but he's kind of like Robin hood.  He helps the poor, what a good kid.

Figure Drawings and Zoo sketches

Sadly this was the only setting that helped make the colors show up better.  But here are some sketches from when i went to the zoo and some practice for figure drawing and gestures.  Again i'm really sorry for the quality of the pictures!

An apology in advance

I got instagram and instead of waiting for a scanner that will actually work and not take hours to scan my drawings, plus put them back together since the file doesn't work on my computer, i decided to just take extremely hipster pictures of my sketches in my sketchbook that way.  But i promise when i get a quality scanner i will reupload them!
So im so sorry in advance for really terrible quality/really hipster pictures haha

Saturday, May 26, 2012


It's summer break!  It's so good to be done with school whew, this year was a stressful year!  But i have quite a few sketches in my sketchbook to show you.  This drawing was taken with my phone, so it's really bad quality and i don't really want to show you the sketches with phone pictures haha.

I've been busy this weekend already though, friday was the Phoenix Comicon, and it's still going on until sunday!  I went yesterday, all dressed up in my cosplay (as karkat) and didn't exactly have a suuuuper time but still it's always thrilling when people tell you that you look amazing and then take your picture and give you hugs.  I'm not really photogenic so i'm sure everyone's pictures of me turned out terrible.  I'm going again tomorrow and going to bring my sketchbook to sketch some con goers!  I should have done that yesterday but i'm almost glad i didn't based on some of the other homestuck cosplayers' attitudes.  But that's alright.  Oh dear i'm rambling, well i'm gonna go draw some more!  Toodles :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

In the Chinese zodiac my mom is the dragon and my twin sister and I are dogs!  So i thought it would be a cute mothers day gift to do something with a dragon and dogs.  Oh and they are saying I love you in chinese.  (Never writing chinese again, it's really difficult!)
Happy Mothers day, Mom! :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

White Flamingos

While i was at the zoo we passed the flamingo's exhibit, but they weren't pink!  They were all white with little bits of pink on their wings, i thought it was really interesting so i drew some quick sketches of them.. or what they looked like from memory.  It's so nice to be in an air conditioned house haha

Phoenix Zoo Adventures

Today i went with my mom to the phoenix zoo to draw some animals.  I went in like this:

I came out like this:

we were there for only an hour, i couldn't even sketch animals it was so hot.  NONE OF THE ANIMALS CAME OUT!  They were smart and hid in the shade, only the giraffes showed themselves.
Arizona is not a friendly place in the summer.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Graffiti Ariel

I couldn't sleep so i decided to go look at some old art i made on graffiti on facebook... then i remembered this one time i drew Ariel for my sister on there and sure enough i found it again.  It's so hard to work with programs that don't allow pen pressure!  So here's a graffiti Ariel i did from a few months ago.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Three Mermaids

English project is finally done, and i got 100% on it too!  Lets celebrate with some mermaids!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

English Project Illustrations

here are a few of the drawings i had to do for my english project.  There are 23 more of these actually!  Haha, i'm nearly finished with them all.