Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Character Designs

These two are character designs for an animation i wanted to create later on.  I'm pretty happy with the way they look but i know there's room for improvement and better designing.  Their names are Moyo and Konani (respectively)

And i'm still working on Wren's design.  Her outfit is driving me crazy, i'm trying to make it fit her spunky and rebellious personality while also keeping that elegant fairy type look.  She's a toughy.

I was listening to the soundtrack for Kiki's Delivery service the other day and wanted to draw a witch!  She kinda looks a lot like Kiki though haha.  I finally used my watercolor pencils too :) They are a lot of fun

Just a random kid.  He's a thief, but he's kind of like Robin hood.  He helps the poor, what a good kid.

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