Saturday, May 26, 2012


It's summer break!  It's so good to be done with school whew, this year was a stressful year!  But i have quite a few sketches in my sketchbook to show you.  This drawing was taken with my phone, so it's really bad quality and i don't really want to show you the sketches with phone pictures haha.

I've been busy this weekend already though, friday was the Phoenix Comicon, and it's still going on until sunday!  I went yesterday, all dressed up in my cosplay (as karkat) and didn't exactly have a suuuuper time but still it's always thrilling when people tell you that you look amazing and then take your picture and give you hugs.  I'm not really photogenic so i'm sure everyone's pictures of me turned out terrible.  I'm going again tomorrow and going to bring my sketchbook to sketch some con goers!  I should have done that yesterday but i'm almost glad i didn't based on some of the other homestuck cosplayers' attitudes.  But that's alright.  Oh dear i'm rambling, well i'm gonna go draw some more!  Toodles :)

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