Monday, August 27, 2012

It's been a while!

Hey everyone!  Sorry for lack of activity and art on this blog, don't worry i haven't forgotten about it.  I started school right after my friend Anna left my house.  I started on the 8th to be more precise.  And I have been battling a harsh art block, and also getting into the groove of doing homework again as well as preping for college.  I nearly got rid of my art block.  Just gotta keep on drawing!  Draw draw draw that's the only way to beat this thing.

My friend and I also started sketching dancers at my school.  The dance teacher allows us to come in during dance practice and we get to sketch the dancers and everything.  It's really great practice!  I chug out drawings like crazy because i've had practice timing myself and sketching people in other places.  But I am always trying to improve.  I'm trying to get more detail into my drawings, which is difficult when the dancers stay in a position for all of 2 seconds.

This weekend is also another con weekend!  Saboten.  This time for real I will be sketching congoers.  I will also be dressing up as Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls.  I'm the biggest dork i know.  So probably no art because i'm pretty sure i will be spending the entire weekend there.  But soon I promise!

Hope everyone is doing good, see you soon!

This is one of my art block drawings, but it came out alright so i thought i might share it with you.  Enjoy :)

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