Sunday, March 31, 2013

A friend needs a friend

Story time!  A long time ago i had these two characters, howard and hutch, and they looked like this:

wow gross old art ew

anyway, i forgot about them for a long time until like february of 2012 when i did this lovely human drawings of them

I am missing the point of my story here, basically i always thought one day i would do an animation of the two of them to the song (well the part at 2:06 and on) but i never did!  Even today i still dream of doing it you know, i just think it would be so perfect. 
SO today i finally did it, it may not be an animation but it's good enough.  ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEW HOWARD AND HUTCH


"I can't go on with just half of my heart!"

"Nothing and no one can keep us apart!"

"It's a permanent bond-"

"We can never destroy!"

"A friend needs a friend."

"A friend needs a friend!"

"I've got to get back-"

"I've got to get back-"

"to my.."


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