Friday, June 21, 2013

Well look who it is

HEY THERE HI THERE HO THERE how is everyone doing?  I've been gone for such a long time wow and let me tell you i've been doing a lot of stuff.  Sort of.


I would like to thank the academy.  So that was a pretty crazy experience, graduating and looking like a 12 year old.  BUT STILL COOL.  It's sad to see all my friends go off to their colleges out of state, and i'll probably never see them again save for facebook, but i know they are all going to do great things one day.  I wish them all the best of luck.  I unfortunately am stuck here still in good old hotter than heck Arizona, but i'm going to work harder than ever on my portfolio this year and make my way to Calarts!! I'M NOT GIVING UP!!

Also i have been taking a life drawing class every tuesday for the past 3 weeks!!  But to my dismay it really isn't a life drawing class, even though we paid a model fee and everything, there are people who are too young who got into the class and ruined it for me.  This tuesday will be the last class and we are finally getting CLOTHED models.  I'm trying to make the most of it though!
In July I will be taking these figure drawing groups.. classes.. i don't know what to call them every thursday or tuesday and get myself really prepared.  I am really excited!!!

 So expect a mountain of sketchbook pages soon, they are mostly life drawing but oh well.  I'll try to make my sketchbook more creative.  BUT FIRST HAVE SOME PANCAKES

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